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A simple and secure solution for a SMART management of your appointments!

Thanks to the speed of our system, you will be notified as soon as a slot is available before anyone else, which gives you priority access to appointments.

Moreover, we make the confidentiality of your personal information an absolute priority.

Gagnez du temps dès maintenant
Gagnez du temps dès maintenant

Why go through us for your appointments?

Take advantage of a simple and secure solution for all your prefecture procedures.

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Save time

The platform scans the calendar 24/7 and alerts you in real time

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Be serene

98% of users obtain an appointment in less than 10 days!

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Manage your appointments

Set up all your alerts from your personal space

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Unlimited appointments

Activate alerts for as many appointments as you want with ease

How does it work?


Choose your prefecture

Via our intelligent search field, simply enter the name of the prefecture or your city and select the right establishment.

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Select your procedure

Then select the administrative procedure for which you wish to make an appointment.

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Enter your contact information

Enter your contact details or those of the person you wish to meet.

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Make an appointment

The platform scans the website of your prefecture and alerts you as soon as your appointment is available!

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Appointment already taken !

98% of users get an appointment in less than 10 days!

Be the first to make an appointment at the prefecture.

Be notified by SMS and eMail as soon as an appointment is available, simply and serenely.

Choose your reason for appointment

Titre de séjour

Renouvellement titre de séjour temporaire, plurianuelle et visa long séjour

Renouvellement titre de 10 ans

1er titre de séjour à 18 ans pour étrangers entrés en France avant 13 ans ou par regroupement familial

Remise titre de séjour ou DCEM

Renouvellement de récepissé

Admission exceptionnelle au séjour - Motif personnel

Commission médicale

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Rendez-Vous Préfecture is a private and independent service facilitating appointment booking in the prefectures